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A Tale of a Great Landing Page

One of the empirical questions in affiliate marketing that arises in the mind of each advertiser is how to increase conversions by engaging new users and turning them into money generating leads. Well, the answer to this complicated question is also complex, there is no unified solution, however, a great starting point would be a correct landing page for your offer. This might boost the conversion by up to 30%.
First, let's figure out what a landing page is and how to choose it correctly.

Landing page - it is an important step between an ad and an offer. It is an ordinary web page with the sole goal of getting the visitor to perform a certain action: sign up, click on a specific area, or make a purchase.
Most people underestimate the value of a great landing page, but it has some necessary functions:

  • Warms up the interest of the audience;
  • Engage user’s interest towards making an action;
  • Filtering non-motivated traffic.

At Mirelia Networks, we perceive the use of landing pages as a necessity, since we are a direct advertiser, landing pages help us to retain users on our products. We know that this might not be perceived well at all times and one may argue that the click through rate is lower due to us using our own landing pages, however, we are being honest and have reflected all this in our pricing. Without the landing pages, the traffic would simply be more expensive.


How to choose a landing page?

Well, hard to say, it is all entirely up to you, to be honest. The general recommendation would be to decide which device you want to target, what funnel are you going to use, and many other factors that might come into play. To make it easier for you, we have outlined several important factors you might wish to consider.

Depending on the device: it could be mobile, tablet, or desktop oriented.

  1. On Mirelia Networks there are 3 types of landing pages based on their lengths:
    • Short - 1 page, 6 seconds (with redirect - the user goes first to our landing page, and then to advertiser’s offer);
    • Short - 1 page (without redirect - the user goes straight to the advertiser’s offer);
    • Long - 2 and more pages.
  2. Despite the fact that we tend to focus predominantly on English-speaking countries, there are some landing pages in German and French too.

Little tip! If you use a short landing page with redirect, it usually results in 90-95% CTR.

How to optimize and improve CTR on landing pages

After the user sees the advertisement, he might pursue it further and appears on the landing page. This is usually employed as a filter and a tool to engage such a user and make him perform an action required. If he goes to an actual offer after visiting a landing page, we get ourselves a CTR.

To increase the CTR of a landing page you should do the following:

  1. Make sure the landing page you choose is fully aligned with the selected vertical as well as the offer you are promoting.
  2. The best case scenario would be if you match the landing page you select at Mirelia Networks DSP with yours, so that the redirect is below the radar of the user and could go unnoticed.
  3. Do not put too many flashy elements on your landing pages. Although the landing page should attract the user’s attention, it is important to keep some kind of balance.
  4. Your images should trigger the desired emotional response so then the CTR would remain at a very high level.

It should be noted that the CTR displayed next to a landing page at Mirelia Networks DSP does not necessarily mean the highest conversion rate for your offer, thus, it is imperative that you test different combinations to find your own winning formula.


How landing pages work for different verticals

Something that does not come as a surprise and what was emphasized before, landing pages are of extreme importance when you are trying to promote an offer. For this reason, much attention should be devoted to determining whether your landing page is the right fit for the specific vertical and whether it engages the targeted users. If you wish to advertise your offer through getting clicks by creating a CPC campaign on Mirelia Networks DSP, the only option in terms of verticals would be Dating. This has traditionally been our stronghold vertical, where we truly excel. Thus, if you wish to promote a dating offer through CPC you will hardly find a better platform to do so. Through CPM though, much more verticals are available to suit your advertising needs. To make it convenient, we have divided them into niches, so you can choose one that suits your offer.
Please find the tips below that work rather well for several of our verticals.

Landing pages for Dating offers

Dating is one of the most popular verticals, where landing pages can contain the imitation of messages, calls, or video chats. Similarly to landing pages in other verticals, they need to have CTA buttons, as calls to action are allowed and even desirable to attract more attention and gather an audience.

Landing pages for Cams

Just like in the dating vertical, you can use GIFs or simple images with CTA buttons: imitation of video or chats.

Landing pages for Games

The main goal of landing pages in this vertical is to showcase the creatives and gamification design that the user would usually enjoy while playing a game. There can be a promo-video about the game, small description, and/or colorful images.

By the way, to make things easier, we have already provided an approximate CTR for each lander, its Niche, and Length.

Of course, the landing page is not a magic bullet, and you cannot fully rely on it to do all the job for you. However, regardless of the vertical, the landing is an important tool for increasing conversions and profits. It should reply to all the doubts and questions of the target audience. Accordingly, small adjustments need to be done, because when the user goes to the landing page, they are already willing to be converted into a lead and your job here would be to make this transition as smooth as practically possible. For better conversions, do not forget to use the split test function and optimize your campaigns.

Good luck!

Valeriya S.,
Account Manager at Mirelia Networks.