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Dating Vertical and its Top Markets

There would be multiple reasons why the Dating Vertical is among the most favored ones in affiliate marketing. It could be quite challenging to gather all the reasons together and compile them in a single article, as there are simply too many of those. To name a few:

  • simple conversion flow;
  • ridiculously high profitability;
  • relatively low entry barrier;
  • great and supporting advertising community;
  • fantastic knowledge base on forums, blogs, etc.;
  • clear and straightforward vertical to work in;
  • bunch of available offers to choose from.

Mirelia Networks has over 10 years of experience to prove that dating is a really fun & profitable affiliate marketing vertical. By all means it is a stable, evergreen vertical that remains stable and keeps growing despite what is going on in the world, be it Covid, inflation, etc.

Online dating is now viewed as the norm by more and more people. Statistics show that approximately every third couple is formed online, and for partners of the same sex this figure is twice as high. Such change in perception is one of the main drivers of the industry's growth. Even the situation with the Covid lockdown proved that under conditions of limited live communication, people were yearning for communication, so the user's number of multiple dating and adult sites only grew. In today's world people definitely have more options and opportunities to date their way, and there are dozens of applications for serious and long-term relationships. However, we should not forget about another category of people who just want a casual hookup or a relationship with “no strings attached”.

It is impossible not to mention that searching the internet for that special someone has also become a routine part of our lives. Additionally, it's quite practical for a modern person who is busy all the time. As a consequently, dating sites are nowadays among some of the fast growing and, furthermore, profitable industries with the fastest growth rates.

The Dating Vertical has been forming and shaping for some time, and although some changes and developments still happen with the advancements in technology, various regulations, new trends and many other factors that come into play, many things remain relatively stable. For example, when it comes to popular and profitable GEOs. No one would be surprised that the first place of the pedestal goes to the US and quite rightly so, as it is a gold mine in terms of traffic and profits that you can generate while working with this GEO. It may also be mentioned that it is not by far the easiest GEO to work with due to increased competition and not quite low entry barrier, However, it is definitely worth it. If you will simply look at the campaign statistics, often excellent ROI, and revenue that you get out of traffic from these GEOs – it becomes clear why you need to be invested and consider it rather seriously.
However, besides the US, there are other GEOs with exciting audiences and high payouts, for example CA, NZ, AUS, UK.

When it comes to segmentation, it becomes clear that the audience often comprises men 25-45, that are mostly Android users, although IOS has been on a major rise as of recent as well.

As was mentioned earlier, there is obviously quite a rivalry for the Tier-1 English Speaking countries, as everyone craves for their own piece of cake, so you must be creative.

Generally speaking, online marketing is quite dynamic, and things tend to change all the time. It means that a strategy or approach that performs today might not perform as well or at all tomorrow. Therefore, before launching any campaign, make sure to test them as much as you possibly can in terms of landing pages, creatives, flows, targeting options, etc. The best way to improve your strategy and ensure stable profit is to optimize campaigns after performing a test. And Mirelia Networks can definitely help you with that with a variety of optimization features and constant support available.

Ann S.