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Efficient ways of traffic monetization

Undoubtedly, dating is a highly competitive and still profitable industry, and it’s believed that this niche will never lose popularity. It is often referred to as an “ever green” vertical, hence, it does not really matter what is going on in affiliate marketing with its numerous directions and verticals, dating continues to grow and prosper.

Dating, like any other type of traffic, can be really profitable if you know how to engage and monetize your audience. Whether you are a novice or an experienced advertiser, traffic monetization can be a really challenging process.

Well, to begin with, monetization is the act of exchanging traffic for revenue. Additional monetization can remarkably raise the performance. In this article, we are going to share with you some effective ways of monetizing Member Area traffic.

Each advertiser knows that it takes a lot of effort to squeeze the maximum out of the campaign. It all depends on just so many factors, such as quality of traffic you are buying, what GEOs are you targeting, how well did you select the offer, and on whether you use additional monetization funnels?
The easiest way to divide a dating niche is by the type of monetization. Typically, in developed countries (the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc), monetization occurs through subscriptions. In developing countries, where the standard of living is significantly lower (Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Brazil, etc.), the monetization is likely to occur through embedded advertisements and apps. Thus, it can be argued that it is best to work in markets where people are used to pay for things.

Monetization of Member Area traffic

Mirelia Networks is famous for its High Quality Member Area traffic from Tier 1 countries. Thus, Mirelia’s team clearly knows the audience due to perennial analysis. When buying our traffic, you automatically receive a valuable, involved, and relevant audience for your offers. In other words you receive a rather well studied and processed material to work with, all else depends on how well can you work with this material and what results you want to get.

1. Push-notifications and subscriptions

The most widespread ways of traffic monetization are push-notifications and subscriptions. Using this kind of monetization, you can collect information about users, such as their email addresses, phone numbers, first and last names and so on. No doubt, it is a great decision to remind users about you and return them to your product by remarketing.

Tip! In dating, you can engage the audience by sending “hot” letters, such as: “You’ve got 1 letter from… ”; “Someone sent you a dating request,” etc.
It is sometimes referred to as a loyal method of users’ monetization because they can decide whether to leave personal information or not, and you can use it to remind users about the product.

2. Premium subscription

Another way of monetizing traffic is to place additional features on your product. Let us give you an example, when a user redirects to your product, you can give him a limited set of functions or a trial subscription. If the user is interested in your product, he is likely to buy a premium subscription so that you can hold him for a long time.

3. In-app purchases

Numerous apps allow extra in-app purchases for special features like profile boosts, which users may want to use more of, even with premium subscriptions. For example, such boosts allow the profile to get higher views or get unlimited likes for a week. Adding the feature to buy more boosts will give users the option to boost their profile for longer periods.
This method is a great way to monetize through users who are not interested in buying premium subscriptions but want to buy some features instead. It inspires trust in you and allows users to send as much money as they wish.

4. Quizzes or games

Another way to monetize your audience is to include some games or quizzes on your dating website that they can play with their partners or alone to pass the time.This can be a separate monetization feature with the option of buying the game for yourself as well as your partner.

All the methods above are just examples of the most popular types of monetization. If you are interested in good results and high profit, simply buying traffic might not be enough. Test various methods to monetize your traffic!
We wish you only positive ROI and profitable campaigns!

Valeriya S.,
Account Manager at Mirelia Networks.