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What is... Traffic Segments?

Mirelia Networks is a product owner of numerous dating websites, which constantly exposes us to oceans of data. Sometimes it could be rather troublesome to measure and organize all the data streams rushing towards us. For that reason, we tend to use segmentation. Segmentation analytics presents a powerful way to improve advertising.

Traffic segments are groups of data sets with similar characteristics like GEO, device, LTV, sources, engagement, if they are paid or unpaid. To simplify things we have identified 9 main segments plus Backfill and named them after colors.

The cheapest segment is Brown, where you will get the oldest clicks, and respectfully the lower CTR. The user has already seen it all but remains active. The Grey segment has fresher clicks n. This tendency continues with other segments. Importantly, the cheapest traffic does not necessarily mean lower quality. However, bear in mind that you would need more clicks to make a statistically meaningful test.

To put this all into numbers, for Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Purple segments you need to get 100 clicks prior to making the conclusion. For Brown, Grey, Green - 500.

We recommend testing all color segments, with the Duplicate option at our platform it won't take much time. The best thing here is that traffic in various segments doesn't overlap, so your offer always gets unique clicks.

How about special segments PPS, Backfill, All?

PPS - the users who went through the paid funnel and purchased a subscription from us or our partners. We received a postback and are offering such users at the higher price, as they are more likely to make a repeat purchase.

Backfill - (remnant traffic) - users who have left behind after displaying the entire campaign priority list. This segment does not work similarly to the general rules of the setup, and is effectively based either on uniqueness or on price. You can simply put a minimum bid and get the inventory that is currently available. The performance of such traffic is significantly lower, but it's perfect if you need higher volumes 🙂

The All segment is available only for our smallest Geos, with low traffic volumes. Since there are not enough volumes to properly estimate and isolate the segments, we have combined all the traffic into one segment only.

Please note: It is of utmost importance to make a separate campaign for each combination of the targeting settings to analyse every change step-by-step, and calculate both EPC and ROI. It would be wise to leave PPS and Backfill for later and focus on finding the best combination of a segment (as well as other set-ups) for your offer.
And maybe one of the most important pieces of advice you can get - always retest various combinations, be it segments or something else. Our traffic is not linear, we have a lot of variables like seasons, day of the month, day of the week, hours of activity, competition with other advertisers, etc.. Besides, we are constantly working on improving our estimation system, so the traffic can move from segment to segment.

Let's test segments and make a profit together! 😎

Margarita S.
Account Manager at Mirelia Networks.