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Prohibited content and the reasons for ban at Mirelia Networks

Mirelia Networks is well-known among the advertising community for its high quality Member Area traffic. With each hour of every day, our numerous advertisers set up new campaigns to attract paying, active users to their products and sites.

But do you actually know what would be the reasons behind the neverending demand for our traffic? It is rather straightforward! Users from our sources are both active and loyal, because they can only see a relevant content that matches their interests. This is partly due to the careful moderation from our Account Managers. Every campaign is diligently checked to exclude the promotion of prohibited links that do not comply with Mirelia’s Terms & Conditions.

In this article, you will learn about what is taken into account when checking campaigns, what materials are strictly prohibited from being promoted at Mirelia Networks, and what would be the responsibility of the partners is for violations of the rules.

How do we check the campaigns?

After registering on the platform, each advertiser gets a personal Account Manager, who not only helps with onboarding, but also checks the offers and banners that will be promoted. Active partners know that we have a reasonable moderation of banners on the CPM model. We allow misleading, CTA buttons, gifs, etc. The main thing is that your banner does not cause epileptic seizures. Remember, more than enough is too much :)

As for links to promoted sites, here we pay special attention to the relevance of the offer to the chosen vertical, and analyze if there is any prohibited content, which you can read about below.

Prohibited content:

  • Promotion of alcohol and tobacco;
  • Promotion of drugs or any related paraphernalia;
  • Weapons and violence, including abuse;
  • Promotion of racial, religious, intolerance;
  • Use of Mirelia's logo/brand/any creatives or parts of design;
  • Fake Scareware Alerts are not permitted;
  • Excessive profanity is prohibited;
  • Redirects that force users to leave a website;
  • Promoting illegal goods or services;
  • Promotion of Escort;
  • Promotion of fake documents, copied material, or paper mills;
  • Any unauthorized use of third party trademarks that either creates the potential for confusion or reduces the value of a well-known trademark;
  • Promotion or any attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering;
  • Promotion of illegal activities that infringes on the rights of others, including intellectual property rights;
  • Any content intended for children aged 18 and under;
  • Any content that stipulates a redirect to Google Play and/or Appstore;
  • Browser lockers/Ransomware;
  • Looping or Browser locking push notifications;
  • Promotion of content with flashing large graphic or text elements and / or background, with abrupt movements of elements in a destructive manner, gilding the screen, harsh and frightening sounds.

Responsibility of advertisers for violation of the rules

If Account Managers find the above violations in the banners used in the setup of CPM campaigns, then these creatives simply will not pass moderation. If violations are found in promoted offers, Mirelia Networks will stop all active campaigns and temporarily restrict access to the account until the circumstances are clarified.

You can read more about the reasons for a temporary or complete account ban in our Terms & Conditions

How to protect yourself from a ban or other troubles?

If you have already checked Prohibited Content and Terms & Conditions, most likely this will be enough to understand what materials can and cannot be promoted. But if you are not sure about your creatives or offers, do not be afraid to consult your Account Manager! Our team will be happy to help and suggest the best option!

Valeriya S.,
Account Manager at Mirelia Networks.